About Us

The heart of chill Cares was beating long before it became a nonprofit organization in the spring of 2015. After making a difference in their community for years, a group of passionate New Hampshire natives joined forces to create chill Cares. Coming together as one, they knew they would be able to help more people fight cancer and raise more awareness. These like-minded people have used their passion, work ethic and “just do it” mentality to build the perfect foundation to make things happen in New Hampshire.

Every member of the chill Cares team has experienced the heartache of losing a loved one to cancer. Even though they’ve been through heart wrenching experiences watching their loved ones deteriorate before their eyes they still have hope, and we want to share that hope with others who are going through it.

The goal of chill Cares is to host fun, community events to make an impact and raise awareness and funds to support those in our community who are battling cancer and those who support them.

If you or someone you know has a passion for helping those in need and would like to volunteer or donate, please contact us at info@chillcares.org.