City students meet the challenge, teachers keep their promise

Manchester Public Schools

chill Spa featured at a Webster Elementary School fundraiser!

MANCHESTER — Webster Elementary School students’ eyes weren’t too strained after exceeding a challenge to read 1,000 hours collectively over a two-week span.

The kids could see just fine as they gleefully watched and cheered as two of their teachers fulfilled their end of the bargain by getting their long hair cut off in the middle of the gymnasium during a schoolwide assembly on Wednesday.

“I don’t like getting my hair cut normally and I’ve never had shorter hair. It’s always just been very long. It took me a little bit to get over that initial first cut, but it will grow back,” music teacher Stephanie Chalbeck said after having 11 inches removed. “The kids were all excited. They wanted me to shave it and I said ‘that’s going a little bit too far, but I can cut it.'”

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